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Calhorses2win.com sells packages of horse race track informations with plays trifectas and lots more.


How to buy

Buying membership packages at Calhorses is easy. You can buy from the homepage by viewing the preview info of each Horse Race Park. Scroll down to the bottom if you dont see the preview of the Horse Race Park you need. You will find it if you scroll down.

After you have read your preview you will always find links to membership packages for that Horse Race Park. Each package will describe itself and will have a price tag and duration of access description.

If you want to buy a package click on the link of that specific package. You will then be transferred to a signup page. This page will look like this:

You will need to fill in your First, Last name, a valid email address (your password and login info will be emailed to you.), and you will have to choose your username.
After you signup you will be taken to the payment page of Clickbank. You can pay with credit card, paypal, or echeck.
The payment page looks like this:

After filling in your information you will be asked to confirm that info. Once you click on confirm the payment will be processed. After your payment has been processed you will be redirected to a login page automatically.

Also please check your email. You will receive two emails from info@calhorses2win.com. One will be your login info and the otherone will be your recept.


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Customer Support is available at: info@calhorses2win.com